Day 11

Monday 22nd - Glen Isla to Sheilin of Mark

Jock's Road
Jock's Road          photo © Peter Goddard

This has been a real bugger of a day, it started wet and ended wet with lots of wind thrown in for good measure. I got away early as usual and went up into the clouds, visibility was so poor I had to use a map, compass and dead reckoning but eventually I got "out of sync" and was seriously locationally embarrassed.

I decided not to get too complicated by just heading for Jock's Road shelter. When I eventually dropped out of the cloud I realised that I was too far west and had to cross another valley in order to get to the shelter. From the shelter I went up the path past Loch Esk and down to Bachnagairn. Then I had a steep climb up to the old stable where I met Brian Wilson (245) who had been blown over twice already in the strong and gusty wind.

I decided to get off the tops and so it was then down the equally steep track to Loch Muick. From the Spittal it was the usual route over to Shielin of Mark to pitch the tent. Between meeting Brian and the Spittal I met 23 people, more than in the whole of the trip so far; no other Challengers though. On the way over to the bothy I met three Challengers and now there are 13 tents pitched around the bothy. Richard Bannister came through, but did not stop; he told me that Letitia had slipped near Fealar Lodge and twisted her back. She had then walked 19 miles into Braemar arriving at 10pm only to retire.

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