Day 7

Thursday 18th May - Loch Tummel to Pitlochry (via Newtonmore).

I had to make an extra early start to get into Pitlochry so I left at 5:50am and arrived at 8. I found the camp site and phoned Avril. I pitched the tent and went to book in at the office. The site looked nice but expensive. I chatted to the owner about what I was doing as she could not understand why I did not have a car. I had decided to stay for two nights and have a rest day on Friday. She asked for £5 for two nights, which was a nice surprise, and then she said "keep the money, anyone walking that far deserves it" which was even nicer.

I went back into Pitlochry to do some shopping and check bus time tables so after lunch and a shower I caught the 1:08 bus to Newtonmore. The wedding went very well, it was a nice service and I was pleased that so many of Bernie & Pauline's friends had turned up. I arrived back at 8:30 on the last bus, but I think the party went on for a long time.

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