Day 7

Friday 18th May - Culra to Dalwhinnie

We left the bothy at 9am leaving the two Scottish lads asleep. As we started down the track Mic decided to do a Corbett, the Fara, which is only about 3 metres short of a Munro. The three of us walked the forest track into Dalwhinnie with only one stop for a tea break and the walk was much more pleasant than I had been led to believe.

We arrived at the first hotel at 1:20 and had a quick pint, Mic arrived at 1:50 so he only took an extra 30 minutes to do 500 metres of extra ascent and down again! From the bar we went to the transport cafe for a well earned fry up then to the local shop to buy dinner and tomorrow's breakfast. After another couple of pints back in the hotel we then went down to the river to find a pitch for the night. We had seen quite a few other Challengers including two brothers and a Geordie lad doing it solo; he ended up with us by the river for the night.

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