Day 5

Wednesday 16th May - Tom an Eite to Loch Ossian

We woke at 4:30 again but were not away until 7:40, the girls are a little slower in the mornings now. We walked on to Meannanach Bothy, stopped for tea and met the two lads from last night. Continuing on down the valley towards Loch Trieg was very interesting as the rain had set in and it didn't change much in the afternoon either, the day proved to be one of tea breaks punctuated by wet walks. Lunch came and went along with the same two lads. After crossing the bridge over the Abhainn Rath we followed the track to Loch Ossian and along the north side through the forestry to find the two in a nice wee hut tucked into the trees just off the main path. We pitched the tents just past the shooting lodge and it is now 8:30. Dinner is over and we are ready for bed.

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