This is the Journal of a 1987 Challenge to cover the 8 (at that time) 4000 Ft Mountains.

Team Iain Matheson aged 74 and me (Mick Daniels) aged 53.

The route, like all good routes, was conceived in a pub in Kennington one evening after a 10 mile walk in September 1986, like this.

Iain: "Challenge next year - what do you fancy? I fancy the 4000ft Mountain Route. I have tried it three times, but was forced off each time by the weather."

Me (full of whisky): "OK, why not?"

Iain: "OK, I will do the route."

Me: "Good"

Then I promptly forgot about it

Later Iain said, "I have submitted the route, and it has been approved, with the comment: This has been tried and no-one has succeeded, so best of luck to you not-so-young men"

I suddenly realised what I had let myself in for, as this was only my third Challenge. Iain said, "There are some very long hard days, which means early starts at 5 to 6am - never later than 6."

My Equipment:

(remember there was not the lightweight equipment available today).


Total weight carried:

40 to 44 lbs (18kg - 20kg). I only weighed 10 stone 10 lbs (68kg).

There was no GPS, Mobile Phone or Spot!

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