Mike Knipe's 2009 Challenge

Ok, this is it. It's a rainy day in Crook (at least, it's supposed to be raining according to Rob Mc Shewee, but actually, it isn't) - Anyway, as I say, this is it. I've struggled with my TGO 2009 trip report and I've finally decided that I'm not going to do one.

There's enough TGO trip reports out there to fill a book of TGO trip reports. And they're all very nice and everything, and I'm sure they're all really helpful to prospective TGO Challengers when they're planning their disasters... er... walks, but let's be Frankly Earnest and just a little bit Stanley - they are all quite the same.

I mean, they all have the same kind of structure. Y'know - day 3 - After I'd popped the blisters on my heel, I managed to struggle through the deep heather and tussocks up to the Bealach Nam Prunejuice and its marvellous view over the central plains of Lochaber and, after eating my stolen smarties (that kid's mum would never believe her), I struggled on.... and here's a photo of an alpine chestnut.... camaraderie... pissed as a rat... ended up back at Oban after four days walking... That kind of thing. You get the gist.

So, no. I'm not doing one.

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