Editor's note: As soon as Derek Goffin told me about this route, I knew that many of you would be captivated by the idea. Many Challengers were forced on to lower level routes by the weather in 2009, which makes Derek & Ellie's achievement all the greater. Me? I got exhausted just reading it!

A Challenge Walk across the Top Half of The Highlands (the half above 1500 feet)

Derk & Ellie erecting tent
Not quite the perfect pitch - your guides Derek & Ellie                              photo: Serge Vacher
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Introduction - and a few statistics
Day 1 - Friday 8th May - Oban to Cruachan Reservoir
Day 2 - Saturday 9th May - Cruchan reservoir to Lairig Dhoireann
Day 3 Sunday 10th May - Lairig Dhoireann to Bealach north west of Stob Coire an Albannaich
Day 4 Sunday 11th May - Bealach north west of Stob Coire an Albannaich to camp near Kings house Hotel
Day 5 Monday 12th May - Kings house to valley camp SSE of Am Bodach (Mamores)
Day 6 Tuesday 13th May - Camp SSE of Am Bodach (Mamores) to Upper Glen Nevis
Day 7 Wednesday 14th May - Glen Nevis to Fersit
Day 8 Thursday 15th May - Fersit to head of the pass in An Lairig
Day 9 - Friday 16th May - An Lairig to Dalwhinnie
Day 10 Saturday 17th May - Dalwhinnie to stream site 1.5 kilometers East of the Minigaig summit
Day 11 Sunday May 18th - Stream site 1.5 kilometers East of the Minigaig summit to site ENE Geal Charn
Day 12 Monday May 19th -Site ENE Geal Charn to Spittal of Glenshee
Day 13 Tuesday May 20th -Spittal of Glenshee to Dog Hillock
Day 14 Thursday May 21st - Dog Hillock to beside Spring in Valley East of Berry Cairn
Day 15 Friday May 22nd - Valley East of Berry Cairn to Montrose
Discussion of gear used - including home made and adapted

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