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Here we show our image(s) of the month, plus a growing selection of photo albums. The photo albums might record trips in the UK and abroad, a Challenge crossing, an "undiscovered" area, or just an outing in some great countryside. However, the vast majority of contributions are from Scotland, and mainly Scotland in May - yes, TGO Challenge albums!

The image of the month is a picture or series of pictures that we think merits being on the front page, either because it is exceptionally well composed, interesting - or just because we like it!

New contributions to the Gallery are always welcome. Please contact us with your top shots - home or abroad, mountain or lowland.

As a special feature, we hope to have a few albums from the early days of the Challenge - so if you were an "Ultimate" challenger, why not get those photos or slides out of the cupboard and send them to Doodlecat?

May Morning near Tomdoun

This photo of Loch Garry was taken from the bridge on the 2014 TGO Challenge.It remains one of my favourite places to take a picture, the scene changing with the weather and light to reflect many different moods. Magical.

View east from bridge over Loch Garry
Loch Garry                                                                                   photo © Phil Lambert