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To contact me, Phil, at Doodlecat, just use the e mail button below. Should you wish to contact one of the Doodlecat authors please send me your contact details, and I'll pass them on.

Articles and photos are always welcome, and email is fine for most things, including file attachments up to 7Mb. However, if you have documents, photo prints, slides, or photo cds (best for big photo albums), these will have to be sent by post. We recommend recorded or special delivery, and we will always return any material by special delivery. Mail address on request.

Doodlecat users like to get 'out there', and are always looking for news of walking events etc. Organizers can submit details of any event by using the form below. We'll include it in our "events" section, and we'll circulate to other websites (but only if you ask us to!).

Tell us About a Walking Event

Please provide any other details you think will be useful to us in the text area below (it may save us calling or emailing you, and help avoid delays).

Doodlecat may share information you give us here with other like-minded people or web sites to promote the event. Please confirm if you are happy for us to do this.