About Doodlecat

Phil Lambert pic

I'm Phil Lambert. The Doodlecat is our black cat, whose keyboard skills account for many of the occasional eccentricities of the site.

This site was originally started simply as a vehicle to publish Alan Sloman's account of our 2005 crossing of Scotland on the TGO Challenge, and was inspired by Shirley Worral's excellent on line account of her first crossing.

Later on I added Jean Turner's account and two highly entertaining diaries by Bob Cartwright (aka "Lightweight Bob" after his successful on line gear emporium at Backpackinglight). Then some external links were added so readers could find more about the Challenge....and then the emails started! To my astonishment, people from all over the world had visited the site, and when nothing more was added, they asked me why not!!

So I have started off the new site with rolling news & views on the home page, and invited a few guest writers to keep new stuff coming. It's no longer about the Challenge only, but anything to do with the outdoors, and much more besides. Eventually more sections will be added.

Special thanks to Richard Hobbs for the crash course in html that allowed me to start Doodlecat. What I didn't realise then was that a website is never finished!